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If you don’t discipline YOU someone else WILL! June 2, 2010

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One of THE most important things I have EVER heard anyone in any setting say was Phil Strack from a stage in Gainesville, Fl.


When he said “If you won’t discipline yourself to do what you NEED to do, when it needs to get done, than someone ELSE will!” That hit me like a TON of bricks, when I realized how true that statement was it just floored me. If I don’t make the time to do the things that I HAVE to do, then I will ALWAYS be the “slave” to someone else who will have the authority to make sure that I DO, do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. The worst part of THAT equation is that whenever you are in that situation you will always be selling your time at wholesale and buying your life back at RETAIL.

The worst thing that you have to do, the one thing that you AVOID doing all day any day, is that the one or two things that you really SHOULD be doing! Only by developing some deep commitment and gathering in some self discipline and then executing it will you ever break through that habit of stagnation! Unfortunately what this MAY mean is that you will find yourself forcing yourself to do those things that you SHOULD be doing anyway! Now if this sounds silly and perhaps even self defeating just remember this, if you’re using less than 7% of your brains capacity and you have found out those things that you CAN, and should, do in order to become successful at something you are going to find yourself, occasionally, FORCING yourself to do it!

Sounds silly? Absolutely, we are adults! Why in the world do we need someone else telling us that NOW we have to start doing the things that we know ought to be done? Because if you examine those around you, what you will find is that the majority of the people around you, are NOT doing what they should be doing either! It is ALWAYS easier NOT to do something than TO do something, especially the first few hundred times. I promise that it WILL become easier, and I will also let you in on the ONE secret that should ALWAYS be true, and that once you understand this secret, will overcome 99% of all the objections that you yourself find arising within your own conscience.

Remember this is something that should ALWAYS be true, and if its NOT, maybe you ought to re-examine what it is that you are doing. It comes in 2 flavors, both of which are 100% related to each other, but they can appear diametrically opposed to the center. Here goes: If you are supposed to be calling someone in order to “make a sale” DO IT. If your product/information what have you is truly worthwhile than you are helping that person out! If you knew that what you had in your hands would bring a yearly income of $100,000, and that it was work that ANYONE could perform, no special skills required. What would you do with it? Sit on it and keep it a secret? NO you would call every person you knew, and a WHOLE lot of folks that you have only heard of, why, because YOU would be helping THEM! Think about EVERY call, whether on the phone or in person, you are helping them. The other side of the coin, if someone is helping you, but you find yourself intimidated by them,, or maybe something that they asked you to do, for your own good, is something that you just couldn’t find the time to do, and they are calling to try and help you follow up, answer the phone, talk to them, they are JUST trying to HELP YOU!

Here is the last but probably the most important thing that I can say here, you will not find yourself in the midst of success until you are able, on a consistent basis to find your way to do the things that you SHOULD be doing WHEN you should be doing them, even when you do not FEEL like you want to. Doing what you should be doing even when you will need in order to put your plan into action, can make all the difference in the world. So on your first sheet of paper list everything that comes to mind when you think about what it will be like when you are wealthy.

Remember now is NOT he time to “self edit” for humility or to make yourself look better. Put them ALL on the paper, boating, fishing, camping, whatever it is that fits your definition of successful. Make sure that you include built in “family time” I have found that if you don’t specifically set aside a certain number of hours for the accomplishment of your goals, not only will you never achieve them, but chances are good that you will never even gets started on them. BE SPECIFIC

Next you’re going to want to determine what the cost is in order to reach that goal, by cost I don’t just mean what will this cost you in dollars but your time and the sacrifices that you may have in missing your son’s soccer game, or your daughters recital. There will always be a cost, your job? Determine if it’s going to be worth it in the end. Remember an unwritten goal is just a wish. Once you have your goals written out, next go back through THAT list and set reasonable deadlines for the attainment of those goals. While you’re at it add in some type of markers for you to determine what your actual progress has been. Now you have your written list of goals, you know what it is that you need to do, make the decision that you are going to do SOMETHING every single day to move yourself along towards that goal.

Now, at the end of the week you will have run through several iterations of working on your lists, and your goal, so now we want to review your goals as well as your accomplishments for that week, and compare that to how long you believe it would normally take, and you are moving in exactly the right direction to attain what you need. Remember a plane from Chicago to LA is off course 90% of the time. Your plane can be a little off balance most of the ride and yet be making slight course corrections so that you will know exactly what changes you need to make along the way, in order to reach that goal. Unfortunately human patterns will demonstrate that you will spend more than 75% of your time, heading in the wrong  direction, and its all about making sure that you are heading in the wrong direction, and that’s OK, as long a you’re willing to make corrections. Finally, make sure that EVERY day, you reflect not only on your goals, but review the day and make sure that you are doing SOMETHING productive in favor of your goals. Plan your days in ADVANCE. Finally, remember at least one thing before your done for the day, or that day doesn’t count. If it means spending extra time at the end of the day to plan tomorrow, that’s fine. But how do you prioritize? Now that is the question at the ROOT of everything, and also our next subject.



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