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Be INTENSELY ACTION Oriented! June 15, 2010

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There are dozens if not HUNDREDS of “famous sayings” and pieces of advice making sure that you THINK before you act. Many also encourage you JUST to think, think positively (that’s where the Positive Mental Attitude theory got its name). As a matter of fact I know a trainer whose entire program is focused on getting you to take your thoughts and VERBALIZE them all day long! Now I’m not saying that this theory doesn’t have merit, personally I believe that it does indeed, HOWEVER even the bible will tell you that “faith without works is dead.”

Don’t get caught with your engine running and your transmission stuck in FIRST!

Remember your clients didn’t even know that they NEEDED your product or service. Now they not only need it but they WANT it now!

You should do at LEAST one thing EVERY day to move towards your end goal. For example if you are working FULL TIME as a Law Assistant in a Giant law firm, but your dream has been to become a writer, find a time EVERY day and do SOMETHING that will contribute to you becoming a writer.

Now there is a CAVEAT. Earlier I encouraged you to use your car as a rolling Library and listen to audio reports, seminars etc. Just because you listened to something for an hour on your drive in this morning, that doesn’t count. Remember his is ACTION oriented, not SLUG LIKE! Now if you have a topic for your story or book, and you need to do research about that characters life, and you sit down to read some trade manuals from an industry other than your own, that could count, for a little while.

But if you spend the next 3 years reading about running a Funeral Home because your main character is a mortician, you will become an EXOPERT n the mortuary industry, however if after 3 years you are STILL reading “Embalming Digest” your book will remain a pipe dream.

Set aside an hour a night and sit in front of the pc and start WRITING.

But let’s move back into an office environment. You started in a fairly entry level position and now 5 years later your still on the same team, but you have gotten a few promotions, but you’re STILL considered entry level.

NOW is the time to become action oriented. Start asking your boss for extra assignments, look for additional responsibilities.

I’m not saying give up ALL your spare time, but does you manager even KNOW that you want to be on X team? Most Managers in today’s corporate world know that is they keep you where they want you instead of where YOU want to be, you’re only going to be there a short time. As soon as you determine that they are the reason for your lack of growth you will EITHER leave that company or go around you and start interviewing with OTHER teams, then he’s got to start ALL over!

So tell him where you want to be, ask him if THAT place is something that he knows something about. Typically by the time someone comes into management, they will have gone through MANY of the positions that you will need to go through as well. They can, if you’re open with them, tell you the good sides and the bad sides of each. Best of all, by talking to them in advance if they are a really good manager, they will WANT you to succeed and grow, and by you being plugged into a path of growth you will become a better team member for them while on your journey. ADDITIONALLY you will have given them a 1 to 2 year warning of where and when you may be going. Thus allowing him to bring someone in to replace you and allowing YOU to train your own replacement.

But remember if you do nothing else, do this. Do ONE thing EVERY DAY to advance you on where you want to go!



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